Recycled paper pencils. Info or Buy.


Designed in collaboration with Ariel Rojo.

This project:

-Won 2nd place in Ariel Rojo's Workshop for Kikkerland 2011.

-Is commercialised by Kikkerland TM since 2012.

-Was part of MOMA's Destination Mexican Design Collection.

Problem: deforestation.

Solution: non-wooden pencils.

The idea was to design a product to make people aware in a fun and didactic way about environmental issues involved in its production process.

In this case the problem was deforestation, we used the act of cutting down the trees to design a pencil kit which reminds us of a forest.

In order to take the pencil you will need to tear it from it’s package generating the idea of deforestation :)

Wood was replaced by recycled paper to generate a lower environmental impact.

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