Collection of lamps made of organic pots using silver ink to create a circuit of LEDs.

Developed while working at Ariel Rojo Design Studio.


Designer: Ariel Rojo

Collaborator: Andrea Román

Artisan: Obdulia Almazán

Collection of lamps made of 'guajes' commissioned by the MAP (Museum of Popular Art) in Mexico City as part of a collaborative project between artisans and designers.

The technique used was 'Olinalá', a prehispanic technique of painting these organic pots using natural pigments. This traditional technique comes from the Mexican state of Guerrero where artisans carry out every step of the production process, from the recollection of minerals,  which are then ground by hand using a 'metate', to the actual paint production which is obtained by mixing natural oils and pigments with the ground minerals that work as a base; all along using hand made brushes and tools made with animal hair, sticks and thorns.

We experimented with different kinds of conductive ink to design a circuit that served both to decorate and act as the wiring for the LEDs.

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